Vegoon is a daily currated collection of Super Salads, Super Smoothies & Super Soops delivered to your door for free, waste free. This purchase = 1 months lite membership, delivered 3 days per week.


(12 total deliveries) Each Delivery Includes:

                            ONE 750ml Super Salad Jars

                            ONE 500ml Super Smooth Jar

                            ONE 500ml Super Soop Jar


Any combination of Super Salad, Super Smooth, Super Soop is allowed.  Some people like only smooth, some only salad :)

Vegoon Lite | One Month Membership

  • Our service was designed to minimize our negative impact on the environment we operate inside of. We deliver our product in glass Jars. We ask members to rinse out & leave them outside of door prior to following Vegoon delivery for easy pick up. Un returned Jars/lids will be charged to the member at a price of $3.00/each.