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life is too short

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How Vegoon works

Vegoon is a vegan kitchen in Toronto that offers members 2-Day and 3-Day/Week meal plans, freshly made each morning!  


Delivered to your door free!

in our signature glass jars.  

Our grandparents enjoyed fresh milk delivered each morning.  We believe you'll enjoy fresh Vegoon in the morning.

Vegoon is not a voice, we are a service empowering you with an organic, rich, plant based foundation that individuals and families can build their diets from. 


Vegoon will do different things for different people.



Our daily menu is designed from ingredients prioritized by freshness, locality and seasonality.  Quality is our business and assuring

our customers Vegoon after Vegoon we are changing the standards for plant based superfood.

Quinn:  Full time working parent, vegan since late youth and has been committed to raising her children a wholly Vegan diet.

Vegoon Use Case; complete food solution.

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